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March 21, 9. Its latest product launch not only showed off a new iPad and a new phone — the iPhone SE , apparently the tech mega-giant is now greener than Captain Planet. From a distance it may seem obvious. The smart keyboard We use a MacBook. We use Windows laptops. However, hook up an Apple smart keyboard to an iPad Pro and you can turn it into a passable computer for writing docs, emails and so on. Apple has made a special version of the keyboard it rolled out for the

All Apps run in Apples latest iOS 11!

All Apps run in Apples latest iOS 11! If you get an error saying the app wont run in iOS11 and needs to be updated, you just need to update our apps in the App Store! I always played Sudoku, but always enjoyed it more on paper than on an app. We now generate free daily actually every 4 hours Sudoku PDF for you to print out and enjoy. Grandma was visiting, and she loves to play Sudoku. Every morning, I made her coffee and printed out one of these Sudoku games.

Jan 30,  · I grew up with a front-projector TV the size of a coffee table, later owned a rear-projection TV that was somewhat larger than an adult bicycle, and have since tested projectors shaped like DVD.

Alternatively, you may use the form on the left. Event Support Equipment We provide the latest and best technology to support your event. Security Cases Our security cases incorporate a lock, key, and steel cable to ensure that your rental is protected soundly. A robust and sturdy rotating stand ensures a versatile and yet secure use of your rentals.

Our clients have found the use of the kiosk an ideal solution as an information center in high traffic and commercial locations. Kiosk encloses your iPad, front and back, within an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, locked in place with security screws that require a special tool included and mounted on a high-strength steel armature. Even the included power cable connection is enclosed and protected.

Ready to Install The Kiosk arrives as a ready-to-install kit, complete with 3 all-purpose faceplates, a Griffin PowerBlock power supply and 3 meter power cable, and security mounting hardware for most locations. The faceplates will allow you to configure your Kiosk as follows: Identify each kiosk on your network by number or by name.

Display a customized home screen.


I only have one Wi-Fi iPad my personal iPad to use with my kiddos but we make it work! Before we begin let me say that I am lucky to have a Smartboard and projector in my classroom. I bought this handy little gadget to hook my iPad up to the Smartboard which helps ALOT to make the iPad more accessible to all students. Any read aloud book I read this year Magic Tree House, etc.

Follow the steps here to connect the projector over a wireless network. With the EX Pro, you will need the optional wireless LAN module (part number V12HP12). 1 To install the wireless LAN module, first remove the screw as shown. 2 Connect the wireless LAN module to the USB-A (flat) port.

Use this article to learn about Netflix features and how to set up and sign out of your account. Instructions for determining which iOS version you have can be found on Apple’s support site. Netflix streaming features for supported devices include: Supported Regions Netflix is available on supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models in all regions where the Netflix service is available.

Navigation The Netflix app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch lets you browse through rows of our top selections for you for each genre. There is also a row that displays what you’ve been watching recently, so you can pick up where you left off anytime.

Using iPads for teaching Maths.

Am I a hacker yet? Monday, April 22, Update: In short, I’ve managed to drive the iPad retina display at maximum resolution from a regular PC with DisplayPort, no additional electronics required! This is just a prototype, I’m working on a professional PCB with a DP connector so no wire splicing will be required in the future. It’s not exclusive to Apple, it can already be found in a couple of Chinese tablets. Hoping that eDisplayPort is compatible with regular DisplayPort I couldn’t find conclusive proof of this , I went on to interface the panel with a DP cable.

Monoprice, Inc. (DBA. ) specializes in the wholesale distribution of world class cable assemblies for home theater, PC, and high technology industries. offers a wide range of products from standard PC products, network cables, and HDMI cables to custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

While that’s an impressive size for a small device, it’s not nearly as impressive as viewing documents, photos or videos on a to inch projector screen. You can connect your Galaxy Tab to a projector and make that larger viewing experience possible. Hardware Requirements You can connect a Galaxy Tab to a projector or mini-projector providing the projecting device’s connection ports are compatible with the Galaxy Tab’s connection ports.

You can also connect the two devices using an adapter. An adapter is a device that converts a type of plug into another type. The Android operating system comes pre-installed with the software you need to connect your table to another device, such as projector.

Connecting iPad Mini to Car Stereo

When it comes to throwing a movie party in the backyard, however, things get a little trickier. Read on as we show you how to do it stress free. Sure, you can watch your movie indoors.

Just need a simple wifi connection step in the setting, the projector could work as a small commputer. You could enjoy the online videos, play Android games, read online news, and even online shopping.

I previously had his email address listed with the others at the bottom of this page, and he was getting a lot of similar questions, so he wrote in with the following notes on his particular solution. This is one possibility, however there are many. I cheated but here are the results I came up with: I do mine on my “textured” wall and it looks a little blurry. Buy the projector and LCD panel from ebay. A lot of models on ebay are not that good. Its x and active matrix. Always lookup the manual online when you’re evaluating a LCD panel.

Also sometimes pixels burn out. Ask about the condition before hand. Get a return policy if possible. I actually got mine from a rental company called PC Rental.

Optoma ML1050ST+ ML1050ST+ Short-Throw Pocket LED Projector

If you ever need to translate, then these translation apps will be helpful Video Out Enabled iPad Apps The iPad has a beautiful screen, but what if you want to use your iPad on an external monitor? These apps all let you use your iPad on a big screen TV or computer monitor. There are three different adapters that can be used. Check out all of these great video enabled apps below! The iPad app is free and supports video out capabilities.

Once you hook your iPad up the video and audio will then be played back on the big screen.

Use Apple AirPlay Mirroring with a VGA Projector. HDMI to VGA Adapter allows a VGA projector to use Apple AirPlay mirroring from an iPad to Apple TV, thus eliminating the need to upgrade to expensive HDMI projection equipment.

With this projector you can instantly view your iDevice’s high-definition videos and images, games, and even native iOS apps like Keynote or FaceTime, all on a variable sized viewing screen the can enlarge the image to a inch diagonal size. Now, let’s put things in perspective, most TV sets these days average between 32 and 60 inches diagonally, so a projector that can mirror your iPad at a size of over inches across diagonally is pretty significant, especially when you take into consideration the fact that the projector itself is so tiny, measuring only 4.

Master your iPhone in one minute a day: Sign up to iPhone Life’s Tip of the Day Newsletter and we’ll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. The Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro has two small speakers built into it, with a touch-sensitive panel on the projector’s top side which allows you to adjust volume settings. When I use the projector, I typically bypass the projector’s in-built speakers in favor of a larger, more powerful Bluetooth speaker—any model with a 3.

Not that the projector’s speakers are bad, because they are not. The Pocket Projector isn’t just great for entertainment purposes and social gatherings, it’s also perfect for any kind of visual media presentation to a large group of people, such as a business meeting or a college classroom. Extremely portable and compact. With the included microfiber pouch, the Brookstone projector can easily go anywhere with you. Brilliant x image resolution.

Easy set up and connection, no apps needed. Includes a fine-tuning focus dial to help you get the clearest picture possible.

Setting up presentations is a pain?

The different items in stock as well as all the services we provide came from requests made directly by the community over the years. Making an appointment or waiting for hours to meet a technician is never the situation here. Of course, every computer will have different issues.

This video shows how to turn a simple portable video player into a wall projector with a few things around the house. Turn your portable video player into a wall projector. Hook up a digital-to-analog converter box Use the Xfinity TV app to watch TV on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

It’s not cheap when compared to some other portable Android DLP projector s, but it comes from a brand we know and trust and has some fancy extra features and very good battery life. New features in Mars II Anker has done some tweaking behind the scenes for its latest projector, and for the most part those changes are for the better. It’s a shame it has had to reduce the brightness from to Ansi lumens in order to keep down costs, however, because this really does make it difficult to see the picture without viewing in a darkened room.

On the plus side it’s extended battery life from three- to four hours. We’ve seen so many portable projectors that barely last long enough to stream a film that it’s good to learn this won’t be a problem here. That’s for video playback, and for audio it’s even more impressive. When used in Bluetooth speaker mode the Mars II can keep going 30 hours before it needs a recharge. You can keep an eye on how much power remains using four LEDs on the top of the unit, and when it runs down the supplied proprietary DC charger will refill the projector in three hours.

The built-in 12, mAh battery certainly makes this projector portable, but it is still rather large and heavy compared to some projectors. It’s shaped very much like a lantern, and looks like one in use. A leather carry strap is attached to the top, but it’s otherwise all plastic. It’s also added a single-second autofocus feature, which means wherever you place down the Mars II it will automatically reconfigure the image so you get a clear view – and that’s not a given with these portable devices.

With automatic keystone correction also built in the image will be levelled up and squared off, so generally speaking you needn’t worry about lining up the projector straight on.

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Battery life a little lower 16GB version storage too low Key Features 9. Pair the iPad Air 2 with one of the better third party keyboards and it becomes a swiss-army knife of tablets. Eagle Magpie The iPad Air 2 is a stunning tablet when it comes to design. Even thinner an lighter than its predecessor, Apple has managed to pack blistering performance and hour battery life in a tiny package.

The screen has been improved too, in ways that make it a joy to use. The headline feature on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 is Touch ID — a feature that lets you unlock the tablet using your fingerprint.

Apr 01,  · There’s no problem with the way the projector screen display my presentation when I hook up my laptop to projector using VGA. The presentation got to fill up the entire projector screen.

Educators in the U. The deadline is June 30, Click here for more information. More My teaching partner and I were beyond excited when an interactive projector showed up in our classroom after the holiday break last year. We knew it was going to change our teaching. Below are some of our favorite ideas for using one. Turn ANY flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.

Always wanted a touch-screen whiteboard? With the right projector like this one , you can have one at a fraction of the cost. You can touch the wall or table with your finger or a special pen, and it responds just like a finger on a phone, tablet or other touch-screen device.

Top 10 Best Pico Projectors

PowerPoint for iPad More Less Other tutorial videos for PowerPoint for iPad: Open files from the cloud.

Displaying a Microsoft Surface Pro or Pro 2 tablet on a larger screen wirelessly is easy. After installing AirParrot on your Surface Pro, you will be able to AirPlay Mirror to any Apple TV 2 or 3 or any computer running Reflector.

All the schools I have been to thus far have been wireless. I guess if that weren’t available you could use 3G. It is most definitely a motivator, as soon as that iPad comes out of my bag the kids are all attention: P With the exception of a couple of maths websites which require flash the iPad has replaced my laptop. Favourite apps as voted by my students Primary elementary school: Graham Base’s Animalia and any other book that has little animations to seek out.

The Lorax by Dr. Suess was another favourite.

Wireless projection of your iPad desktop

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